Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What are the natural ways to treat headaches in your country? 

     Headache is some how a common disease. There are many reasons for the headache, for example sunlight, pressure, stress, bad mod, and a lot of thinking. But, there are ways to git rid of the headache. And the best way to do that is by the natural way, because is really health and good for your body. In my country people  used to drunk a cup of tea with lemon and get a small nap. Because tea and lemon are containing of material helps the blood flow inside the human body. Also you can go to sleep with tightting your head by scarf or a piece of cloth. Because the blood will flow some how slowly. But for me I think if just sleep for cable hours you will be OK.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Solar Energy VS Fossil Fuels Energy

       In our day we use the fossil fuel more than using the solar energy. This made the scientists to think for another source of energy. Because they know the fossil fuel is energy for today but not for the future. However; there are many advantages of the solar energy over energy made from fossil fuels. First advantage, the solar energy is unlimited power because it cams from the sun. But for the fossil fuel, is limited because it exists in the earth with limited amount. Second advantage, the solar energy is expensive in the beginning only. But for the fossil fuel is expensive every time we need to make it. Finally, the solar energy is a clean power which is good for the environment and for people health. On the other hand, the fossil fuel is a powerful energy, but it really effect in the environment. In conclusion, the solar energy is the best energy for the human in the earth.