Friday, January 11, 2013




       My name is Nasser Baylah but some people like to call me ( Nass ). I'm from Saudi Arabic and i live in Dammam with my family. My family is 21 person and they spirited to seven boys, 12 sister, my dad and mom. I'm studying in Arizona State University in USA, AZ. I have been in ASU for one week And planning to sitting here for six or five years, because I'm planing to be Mechanical Engineer. And the most interesting characteristic is living in America.


  1. Hi Nass
    thats interesting i would like to know how is your culture in your country
    are you the older of yours brothers?

  2. I'm the second youngest boy in my family

  3. Hello Nass,

    Where did you take the picture? What is the most interesting characteristic about yourself?

  4. in the ASU MMMMMM
    I'm nothing with big dream

  5. What do you mean? I'm nothing with a big dream. Please explain.

  6. For now I'm nothing I'm just dreamer but some day I will be something I don't know what is it or how I will do it. But I know one thing if u wanna get something u have to lose something. And I know the worst of it, if your dream is big u will lose something bigger. So, yah this is really sick but I will do it any way because life is hard and long war for us.