Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Country and the World Population

    My country is Saudi Arabic. It is the biggest petroleum producer.
It produces Oil, Gas, Korsin, JPA2, JPA5, Asphalt and Diesel. It exports oil derivatives to the world. Which will help the other countries to grow up. Because oil makes machines work which will help to build more buildings. Gas makes cars start which will help people to do their work faster. Korsin is a volatile liquid, it uses as a fuel for the airplane which will make people to travel around the world. JPA2 and JPA5 they are highly volatile liquid, they use as a fuel for the Warplanes or Aircraft freedom which will help the other country to protect them self from the enemies. Asphalt is a black heavy liquid. It's the best for making roads or streets. Which will help people to walk and drive on it to go any where they want. so, because of that I think my country is really important for the other countries to grow 
up which will make the population raises. 


  1. I think that you write these with reason. I can know your country how to effect the world' population. This is good article.
    Good job! Nass

  2. The video is very informative. I gives that basic information of the development of oil in your country.

  3. yah, ti's really nice video.

    Thank u guys 4 posting.